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If you are not familiar with the Patria Cycle, you may wish to follow this link for a brief outline of each piece. Otherwise choose between Order and Chaos.

Jerrard and Diana Smith 
SINCE 1981, we have been working as designers of costumes, sets and masks with Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer in the creation of a series of large-scale environmental music/theatre works known as the Patria Cycle.

The sites for these innovative productions have included remote lakes; the grounds and interior of the Ontario Science Centre; a cathedral, museum, medieval fort and the streets and canals of Leiden in Holland; an abandoned winter circus in Liège, Belgium; a park in downtown Peterborough, Ontario; and Union Station in Toronto. 

In finding solutions to the challenges posed by working in these interesting but often difficult spaces, we have developed a history of unusual theatre design work. It is our intention to create an interactive, new media based document including sketches, designs, plans, notes and production photographs from these shows, along with descriptions of the process and the ways in which particular problems were addressed, so that anyone with an interest in this work may learn something from our mistakes and fumblings as well as our successes. 

The initial phase of this project is the website you are about to enter. It consists of a sampling of essays and pages divided as indicated. We hope that you enjoy the work we have done so far. Steps are underway to secure additional funding which will allow us to complete this project.


We wish to acknowledge the support of 
the Canada Council (Explorations) and the Ontario Arts Council in the creation of this project.

The Patria works themselves are complex, layered and often chaotic and the metaphor of the labyrinth is a recurring device. The 'chaos' side of the site reflects this. You enter a maze and end up who knows where. 

There are some sound files and other multimedia elements that require you have Quicktime. I'll try to warn you when I can, but as with many have to take your chances.

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