The work on this site is for the most part that of Jerrard and Diana Smith. Although the work is all pertaining to the Patria Cycle of R. Murray Schafer, I am attempting to consciously avoid representing the works themselves in other than an archival context. 

It is important to realize that works of theatre in general and Schafer's Patria Cycle in particular cannot be expressed in any other medium than that for which it was intended - live performance. 

There is a very real danger in attempting to present a work of this sort as a film or video or even a portfolio of images with the addition of sound or video segments in that there is a tendency for the simulacrum to replace the reality. Once a performance is captured, cleaned up and canned for distribution, the doppelganger becomes the event and the live performance can never be presented again. 

In creating this Web site, I am very aware of this danger and my aim is to present the information in such a way as to encourage more live presentations of the Patria works rather than to replace them with a vastly inferior encapsulation.

Jerrard Smith, May 1999

Now get on with it!