T A B L E   o f   C O N T E N T S

Each of the Patria works is enhanced by some background information and setting the atmosphere. This essay describes our relationship to that process

A chronology of our experience with the
Patria Cycle
the Greatest Show
A cast of thousands...well, over a hundred. Meet some of them!
The Princess of the Stars
Information and photographs
Chaos: Journey through the maze
The Spirit Garden in Winnipeg (May/October 2000)
preliminary design drawings
The Palace of the Cinnabar Phoenix (New)
The Enchanted Forest in Brazil
workshop images

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Site Specific:
A series of short essays on the concerns over locations that are specific to the individual pieces

Stages and Locations

The General Concern
The Greatest Show - location search
RA: Ontario Science Centre 1983
RA: Holland Festival 1985

Site Speculative: A trip

RA in Yugoslavia
the Black Theatre in Belgium
Finding a location
(includes a QTVR panorama)
Black and Blacker Theatre
Hell in Belgium - the beginnings of a rant about how not to do it.
the Alchemical theatre of Hermes Trismegistos - Union Station, Toronto
Transposing the Black theatre to Canada