Calendar of Patria Events

1981 first meeting with RMS Toronto, winter
  Princess of the Stars - first designs and build Toronto and Bancroft, summer
  Princess of the Stars Brampton, September
  Egypt? Toronto, late fall
1982 RA preliminary designs spring
  RA build begins summer
  RA walkthru at Science Centre a hot steamy July night
  RA build continues winter
1983 RA build continues  
  RA May 1983, Science Centre
1985 RA Holland Festival June, Leiden Holland
  Princess of the Stars August, Banff Festival
1986 designs for greatest show originally commissioned by Banff Festival
1987 Greatest Show Workshop Peterborough
top Characteristics Man (Wolfman) Canadian Opera Company, Toronto
  ...and Wolf Shall Inherit the Moon (The Wolf Project) first year  
  Patria Music/Theatre Projects formed  
1988 Greatest Show Peterborough
  scouting trip (RA/Black Theatre) with Thom Sokoloski (director) Yugoslavia/Belgium
1989 The Black Theatre (Hermes) Liege, Belgium, spring
  visit to Crete (Crown of Ariadne) research (Canada Council Grant)
  House of Horrors (installation) Artspace, Peterborough, summer
1990 Crown of Ariadne illustrations

concert version with slides
Premiere Dance Theatre, Toronto

1992 The Alchemical Theatre of Hermes Trismegistos Union Staion, Toronto
1993 Requiems for the Party Girl DuMaurier Theatre Center
1994 Enchanted Forest 4th Line Theatre, Millbrook
  Patria Design Project starts  
1997 Spirit Garden Ottawa, spring
  Princess of the Stars Haliburton Forest, fall
1998 Enchanted Forest workshop in Brazil
  Patria Design Project launched  
2001 The Spirit Garden (Spring) St. Norbert Art Centre, Manitoba
The Palace of the Cinnabar Phoenix Wolverton Hills (north of Oshawa ON)
The Spirit Garden (Harvest) St. Norbert Art Centre, Manitoba
2002 The Enchanted Forest Wolverton Hills (north of Oshawa ON)
2004 Asterion Project begins near Peterborough
New venue for Patria productions established. Extensive mapping of proposed site Bone Lake in the Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve
2005 The Enchanted Forest
new production - Bone Lake
Asterion continues

The Palace of the Cinnabar Phoenix

seating for 400 created on shore of Bone Lake
Asterion continues  
2007 The Princess of the Stars at Dawn...Bone Lake
Asterion continues  
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