Patria Patria (homeland) is the title of a cycle of music dramas that Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer has been creating over the past forty years. At the present time, ten parts of this monumental undertaking have been performed and published. Further works are in various states of creation, but enough has already been presented to reveal the series as among the most radical and challenging works to be produced within the past half century.

"There is nothing like Patria in the history of Canadian musical theatre, either in ambition, scope or mythmaking potency"

William Littler, Toronto Star September 16, 2002




Here is an overview with a brief description of each work.
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For 40 years, [Murray Schafer] has been writing a huge cycle of 12 music-theater works, collectively titled "Patria." Larger than Wagner's "Ring" cycle or Karlheinz Stockhausen's "Licht," this cycle challenges the boundaries of both music and theater. 
Colin Eatock New York Times August 27, 2005

The most wildly imaginative and physically ambitious series of music theatre works in the history of the Canadian stage.

William Littler, Toronto Star




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